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When Rose decided to live for one month on the brutal streets of Skid Row in Downtown, Los Angeles, she gained a clear understanding of the living conditions that come with homelessness. From the hunger to the abuse to the endless financial issues for those who call Skid Row their home, Rose has potentially seen it all. During her stay, she came across a woman named Brandy.

Brandy's problems ranged from having no money to return home, to being rejected by agencies that refused to help her. She even dealt with traumatic experiences and abuse on Skid Row. Brandy was one of the countless homeless women who had to deal with these life-threatening problems. Through her countless experiences with homelessness Rose knew exactly what they were going through and knew exactly how to help. Rose stepped in and decided to call Brandy's parents. She did this because she knew that giving Brandy some money and leaving just wasn't enough. She needed to ensure that Brandy would have a place to live and a support system in order to really start her life again. When Rose called Brandy's mother, she was extremely thankful that Rose had called her and was completelywilling to welcome her daughter back home with open arms. Today, Brandy is doing extremely well and living with her parents back home. None of this would have been possible without Rose's amazing efforts.


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