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John, an ex pilot, came from a very promising family. His father would invent a multitude of devices, and his job was stable enough to ensure income so that he could support and provide for his kids. For this white, conservative family, everything seemed to denote a successful future for its members. It would seem surprising that a few years later; John was found living in a box on Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles.

After Rose befriended John on Skid Row, he gave her the run down of how things worked down there. He provided her with safety, and he protected her. After revealing his weakness to alcohol and other difficulties that contributed to his condition, Rose and her nonprofit organization, Cover the Homeless Ministry, began to work with John. Rose withdrew him from the boundaries of the box that was once his home and only shelter. She took John to a rehabilitation center that helped with alcohol detoxification. Once cleaned up, John moved into a halfway house where he could take care of himself, get a job, meet new people, and aid the very same organization that helped him, Cover the Homeless.

Now, John is back on his own two feet, mainstreaming back into society. He lives with his sister on the East Coast, and he has reunited with his family. John is starting a new life that would not have been possible without Rose and her inspiring organization. He completely attributes his existence and his ability to provide for himself to Ms. Rios. Her organization not only found John and helped him to get off the streets, but it also made sure that he had the resources necessary to restart his life. Now sober, reunited with family, and making a living, John is a new man with a second chance for his predestined success.


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