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Rose met Salvador when he was standing around, looking for a job as a day worker. She could see that he was a genuine, kind, and caring gentleman and Rose began to really establish a relationship with him, checking in with him often.

Suddenly, she received a phone call, which let her know that Salvador had suffered a heart attack. She called him up, only to find out that he had been hospitalized, due to his heart condition, as well as in concern for a prior stroke. Rose immediately arranged for him to stay with some contacts to ensure that he had safe and healthy living conditions, but they could not afford to keep him in their home for free, so they again spoke to Rose, who vowed to find him another source of support in these difficult times. Another friend, agreed to help support Salvador, but only had room for him on her front porch. Salvador remained with her for a period of time, but he just became more and more ill. He then went to a shelter, and still his symptoms exacerbated. Rose picked him up from the shelter for a follow up doctors appointment one day, and noticed a strange and unhealthy discoloring in his face.

It was at that point that she decided to not have him stay in a shelter, because she feared his mortality in such adverse conditions. Rose invited him to stay at her own home, and as soon as he accepted the offer, she noticed that his symptoms began to improve tremendously. Now that he is a healthy individual, Salvador helps Rose out with my daily tasks around her home. Salvador will soon be finishing his operations for his leaking valve, and is excited to return again to work, in order to build a new life.


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