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Sam, a medical school graduate, was at the point of his life where he was expected to begin his career. Before he began his rigorous work, he wanted some time off; he wasn't ready to start working quite yet. However, what started as some breathing time quickly turned into homelessness, and his life unexpectedly turned around, landing Sam on the streets.

Sam had been homeless for a few months before he met Rose Rios. Ms. Rios found him homeless and taunted. The individuals surrounding him rudely teased him, calling him doctor, while he was attempting to get food. He desperately needed a way out of the mess he unintentionally got himself into. Rose quickly found out about Sam's past and learned that he was a doctor. She was shocked at the fact that somebody with such great potential to help others had found themselves in this predicament, and even in need of help from others. Slowly but surely, she helped him back on his feet. They began to see each other more often, and Ms. Rios began to provide support to Sam, giving him strength. Rose talked through everything with Sam, and helped him get off the streets, and back into the community which he had originally been part of. Moreover, she taught him to utilize his intelligence as a doctor, and pursue his career. She helped Sam so that he could further assist his friends, and other homeless individuals, by teaching those in need that they have the power to stand on their own two feet as well.

A few months after assisting Sam in overcoming poverty, Rose had gone to a hospital with another homeless woman in order to get her medical attention. While there, Rose ran into Sam. This time, however, he was not the patient, but the doctor. Because of Rose's efforts, he went on to work at a prestigious hospital. Not only was Sam now a happy, healthy, and successful doctor, but other nurses, doctors, and even patients now spoke extremely highly of him. Rose was elated to see how her efforts changed this man's life forever. His transformation is one Rose will never forget. Sam is the premiere example of how with support, encouragement, and care, anything is possible.


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